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New Blood Art is committed to conducting a perpetual talent search, and bringing to the website only the most talented artists.

The gallery has a proven track record for spotting artists who go on to have successful careers and whose work appreciates considerably. We have strong connections with colleges and solid Fine Art expertise that distinguishes us from competitors.The majority of artists are early in their careers.  The rationale is that work by an artist at the beginning of their career is affordable and has the potential to increase in value over time so there is investment potential.  We are also able to bring to the general public the newest works from emerging artists by a regular and committed attendance to degree shows, as well as good relationships with art colleges.

An inside line to the expertise of tutors within art departments around the UK, good relationships with art colleges, and the conducting of a perpetual talent search enable us to bring the freshest graduates and soon-to-be graduates with raw talent to the site. The talent search extends across the UK, not solely focusing on London.  Art colleges and art students trust New Blood Art – we understand what it is to be a struggling artist for we have been there.

Constant touring allows us to bring the UK’s raw talent to the site with cutting edge frequency. Strong reputation and relationships with art colleges underpins the brand.

Artists interested in showing with New Blood Art should visit the link 'Artist info' on the website's footer.

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